Historical Information

History of the Riverstone Congregation

Presbyterian Worship at Riverstone began when Services were held in the home of John Greig in Garfield Road in 1882.

In 1884, three allotments were purchased in Regent Street and the building was erected for worship.  In 1913 this building was transported in two halves to the present site in Garfield Road.  It continued to be used for worship until 1980, when the present hall was opened and began to be used for worship. This was seen as the ‘first stage’ of the St Andrew’s Christian Community Centre’.

In 1935 the church was recognised as ‘St Andrew's Presbyterian Church’, and became a Mission Station under the supervision first of Richmond, then of Ebenezer Pitt Town.  Until then it was a preaching station of the Windsor Parish.  In 1946 Riverstone formed their own Session  independently.  In the same year a Manse was purchased for the Home Mission student.

In 1967 Riverstone pre-empted Church Union by ten years  Presbyterian and Methodist churches came together.   Worship was held in the Presbyterian Church and Sunday School in the Methodist Church until 1969

The first ordained minister was inducted in 1970.

Marsden Park, which has been part of the Riverstone charge since 1936, was closed in 1971.

Riverstone united with Blacktown Parish in 1978.  In 1998 the Uniting Church ceased recognizing parishes, in congregations became independent.  Full-time ministers continued at Riverstone until 2008.

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